Our processing mill has evolved from SNMRI (Shanghai Non-ferrous Metal Research Institute) with 40 years’ experience in manufacturing high quality seamless tubes.Product manufacturing process including cold rolled,cold forging,protection gas solution,untra-sonic cleaning,eddy current testing,etc.

OD WT BA ID Roughness EP ID Roughness Straightness Concentricity Pressure Mpa
1/8″ (3.175mm) 0.020″∼0.028″ (0.51mm∼0.71mm) Ra0.50µm  ∼ Ra0.30µm ;the specific detail can be negotiated Ra0.3µm  ∼ Ra0.16µm ;the specific detail can be negotiated ≦0.7mm/M ±0.01mm 54.8
1/4″ (6.35mm) 0.035″∼0.039″ (0.89mm∼0.1.0mm) ≦0.7mm/M 34.3
3/8″ (9.53mm) 0.035″∼0.039″ (0.89mm∼0.1.0mm) ≦0.5mm/M 22.8
1/2″ (12.5mm) 0.039″∼0.0488″ (1.0mm∼1.24mm) ≦0.5mm/M ±0.02mm 24
5/8″ (15.88mm) 0.039″∼0.0488″ (1.0mm∼1.24mm) ≦0.5mm/M 21.2
3/4″ (19.05mm) 0.0488″∼0.065″ (1.24mm∼1.65mm) ≦0.5mm/M 17.6
1.0″ (25.4mm) 0.0488″∼0.065″ (1.24mm∼1.65mm) ≦0.5mm/M 15.9

BATubes Applications:

Water for injection apparatus

Clean tubes projects

High pure fluid transportation

Solar energy battery panel

Solar energy baseplate

For specific od,wt,length,tolerance and roughness can be negotiated by details’ requriements.

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