On-line Testing Facility

The detection equipment includes :

  • Ultrasonic thickness meter (strength for big size and heavy wall thickness measuring the whole length)
  • Portable material detector
  • Spectro direct-reading spectrometer
  • Universal testing machine for mechanical property
  • Ultrasonic flaw-detecting machine
  • Eddy current detector
  • Hydrostatic testing machine
  • Intercrystalline corrosion device
  • Metallographic microstructure test equipment
  • Impact test equipment
  • The products of the company are popular in more than 20 provinces, cities and Hong Kong, and are exported to Europe, America, Africa,Japan, Korea, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, etc. winning the praise of users home and abroad.

Our wide breadth and depth of both seamless stainless pipe inventory is sure to cover your requirements. It has always been our goal to multi-certify our inventories to the maximum number of industry standard specifications possible.

Endoscope Testing

Hydrostatic Testing

High temperature tensile test machine

Universal testing machine

Brinell Rockwell & Vickers Optical Hardness Tester

Low-temperature impact testing machine

CS-8800 Infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer

Zeiss microscope

SPECTRO MAX LMM15 Spectromet

Intergranular Corrosion Test

Eddy Current Test

Ultrasonic Test