Capillary tubes:

We produce the precision capillary tubes with our unique technology,which used in medical apparatus capillary EP grade,gauge instruents,endoscope,biopsy apparatus,implantation instruments and other high precise fields,we export USA and Europea,South Africa,Australia all over the world areas.

Materials: Usual TP304,TP316L,and monel 400, titanium alloys,other grades can be negotiated.

Size: OD 0.2mm-14mm, WT 0.5mm-2.5mm, and also cao be manufactured acc to specific drafts.

Tolerance: OD±0.005mm, WT±0.01mm

Length: Capillary can be coiled up to above hundred coiled tubes,and also can be cut precisely acc. To clients requirements.

Surface: Outside and inner side surfaces are clean, and can be processed by electrolytic polishing.

Application: endoscope,biopsy and implantations and so on.

For specific od,wt,length,tolerance and roughness can be negotiated by details’ requriements.

capillary tubes


Types of capillary tubes OD WT Use
Medical Apparatus Capillary EP Grade 1.2mm~4.5mm 0.12mm~0.45mm ID roughness Ra≦0.2µm
Welded Capillary EP Grade form as coiled tubes or Straight tubes 1.2mm~8.0mm 0.1mm~0.5mm Instruments
Seamless Capillary BA grade 3.0mm~9.53mm 0.5mm~0.89mm Oil or millary
High Temperature Alloy Capillary 1.2mm~8.0mm 0.1mm~0.5mm Combustor,Aerospace Industry,Semiconductor